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At Robot Coffee, we believe that every coffee has a story to tell.  Coffees convey to us the flavors of their origins, the care and attention of their farmers, and the precision of how they are roasted and brewed.  Robot Coffee was started to find the unique signatures of each offering and to bring them out consistently for our customers. We do this by applying a very methodical and data-oriented approach to our roasting and handling process.  By combining an engineering mindset to coffee production, we strive to let our customers sit back and enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee knowing that it will taste just as good from the first bag to the hundredth.



We team up with farmers who share our uncompromising ideals
for quality and consistency. As a rule, every bean in our custom blends must be able to stand alone as a stellar single-origin coffee. This level of quality demands a large investment from our farmers and we are proud to be able to share the fruits of their dedication with our customers.


At Robot Coffee, we demand a lot from ourselves when it comes to the precision of our roasts. Every degree, every second and every input have an impact on flavors in the cup. Consistency and repeatability are the cornerstones of our company and we work hard to make sure every bag is roasted exactly to our standards.


Our custom blends are the heart of Robot Coffee. With a precision roasted pallet of flavors from farms around the world, we are able to offer custom blends that satisfy any type of coffee lover.  Whether you enjoy a light playful roast, a smooth and satisfying balanced brew or a richly complex cup that makes an excellent espresso, Robot Coffee has just the blend for you.