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Coffee roasting is a balancing act between quality and consistency.  Roast everything dark and you have consistency, but lose each bean’s unique essence.  Roast an amazing single origin bean lighter, and you may find next year’s crop tasting slightly different.  Robot Coffee was created to address this problem by roasting to meet certain flavor profiles through unique blending.  Offering blends allows us to pick only the best ingredients year after year and roast them to match the same flavors you come to expect each time you open a fresh new bag of Robot Coffee.

Our Philosophy

At Robot Coffee, we know that coffee is personal to our customers, and that's why we take what we do personally.  A good cup of coffee can greet us in the morning, brighten our mood during the day or be a companion when working into the night. That's why our customers are the focus of everything we do. Every bean we source and every bag we roast leaves no stone unturned in achieving the highest standards of quality for members of the Robot Coffee family.

Commitment to Quality

Coffee is the second largest commodity that is traded globally and it is a rare thing to find farms willing to put quality over quantity.  At Robot Coffee, we seek out these types of farmers and share in their commitment to improve coffee for everyone who enjoys it.  This is why we put our customers first, because together we are elevating coffee, one bag at a time.